CONQA gives a transparent overview of project Progress
and lets site staff complete all QA documenting simply


Improve Quality Practice!

Never worry that a project is lacking critical QA docs and reports. All work in Conqa is easily reviewed in dashboards so you can quickly see who signed off what checksheets and took photos. Conqa is easier to use on site and more robust in recording that the QA has been done correctly.


Save Time

QA staff can work more efficiently. They can access all inspection right from their phones, fill them out, and take photos. All works sync with the desktop app that tracks progress and automatically generates reports.


Never lose documentation

No more boxes and boxes of documents to search through. All checklists, photos and documents are stored in one place against the correct inspection or test item FOREVER, call up any check from any work anytime.

WHAT IS CONQA Commercial?


Conqa is a tool that can be tailored to fit your quality systems. 

We take your quality assurance plans and checklist and upload them. From there, these can be assigned to specific work elements/locations (both of which can be added on the fly to keep the software flexible).

Once created, the QA plans and checklists automatically sync across all computers, tablets and phones on site.

This allows site staff to have every checklist they need at their fingertips. No more needing to know which to print out, or more annoyingly, forgetting and having go back to the office to get the right documents.

Project managers, QA staff and Foremen can navigate through the project filling out checklist, uploading attachments and making comments as necessary to keep quality records first-class and transparent.

All work is automatically synced with all other users and is easily searchable on the admin Conqa system.

This is a huge change in the doubling up of work that anyone conducting QA inspections previously needed to do. Instead of holding on to a piece of paper and filing it correctly (hundreds if not thousands of times), that information is automatically formatted and stored. That’s the photos, attachments, PS’s, Dockets - and anything else that could close out a QA step - can be attached and automatically turned into a report. All of which means no more double handling of work - a hell of an inefficiency.

The Conqa admin system gives greater visibility of the progress of the quality assurance too. 

Construction management is about communication. There’s a plan that needs to be stuck to, but it’s when things go wrong that good management steps up. With Conqa and our overview dashboard, a Project Manager can know as soon as problems arise, and can get started with mitigating and managing them.


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