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We collaborated with construction companies from all over the world to design Conqa. Each and every feature has been moulded by the ideas and feedback from Directors, Managers, Engineers and Site staff just like you.


The end result?

Something that's simple for the site team and effective for the decision makers.




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Take all of your Infrastructure QA planning and execution online. Keep all QA documentation in one secure location, while letting your team have all their ITPs, PCPs, checklists, datalogs at their finger tips


Conqa's Commercial QA Project Landscapes let you plan your QA perfectly and execute it easily. All QA checking, defect flagging, photos and notes can be completed or checked by all team members from any net friendly device


With all residential quality assurance requirements Conqa has you covered



I have been using the Conqa QA software for approx. three months now and it provides me with a comprehensive and easy to use QA system. My current project has a waiver on inspections so QA is of the utmost importance to satisfy the local authority (Auckland Council) audits. The auditors have found the information logged into the QA system easy to access and reduced the amount of time that they would normally spend carrying out such audits. I recommend the use of Conqa QA software for commercial projects as it can simply be customised to suit everyone’s needs.
— Bruce Facoory, CMP Construction

Build A Custom Solution For Your Team


Conqas management dashboard gives you accurate insight into build progress. See whats complete and where any failures and defects are in real time.


The mobile app is super simple and lets teams complete inspections quickly. Pass or fail any checkpoints and attach photos to create comprehensive QA reports. 

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